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Design a Democratic System of Global Governance


At Atlas we are working to design, build, and launch such a Democratic System of Global Governance. One that is👏 people-led 👏 transnational, in which humans 👏 unite beyond national borders!

That's why from January to July 2023, we are running consultations online and in person across the globe 🌏  to crowdsource with YOU:

  1. what are the core issues with today’s global governance?
  2. what are the solutions & how to ensure maximum democracy?
  3. what could a new system look like?

Participate online and offline (more details here: https://www.atlasmovement.org/globaldemocracy)

Join the debate and help us make this vision a reality. The process is divided into the following phases:

1. Debate [on landing page] : “What should a democratic system of global governance look like?”.

In this phase, identify and submit the issues you consider fundamental when it comes to global governance & democracy. Those can be specific or a wider feeling (“eg: there are not enough checks and balances” or “the current global institution is corrupt”). You can answer questions, debate with others and prioritise issues by voting for or against them 

2. Proposals:

Once you feel like you have a good grasp of an issue after debating it, start making proposals and discussing how to best address the issues you have identified. Others will be able to collaborate on those proposals! 


Comment on other people's proposals to ensure that they are as strong as humanly possible. No one has all the answers, but by putting our brains together we can create a revolution capable of steering the world in a democratic and equitable direction. So let's work togehther! 

4. Vote [this phase of the process is not opened yet]:

Toward the end of 2023, all those who participated will be able to vote on citizens' proposals or competing proposals. 

5. Harmonization [this phase of the process is not opened yet]:

Once a set of proposals has been voted approved, Atlas' policy team will harmonize the language and edit them to ensure no contradiction is found.  

6. Final vote [this phase of the process is not opened yet]:

To ensure a fully democratic system, the entire vision for a democratic system of global governance will then be put to a vote again and adopted by 2024.