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What are the main issues with today's global governance? [From old thread]

AndreaVenzon AndreaVenzon  •  2023-02-01  •    2 comments  • 

Colombe: "Soooo many! Here are some:  1) lack of democracy  2) not representative  3) not transparent  4) very old school  5) designed for and by countries that committed countless crimes  6) no way for citizens to get involved  7)no real competencies"

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  • AndreaVenzon
    AndreaVenzon  •  Author  •  2023-02-01 03:35:36

    I personally think that the biggest issue is that today's global governance is simply non democratic. Most issues derive from that - without democracy these institutions lose in transparency, inclusivity, public awareness, influence, etc. etc.

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    • Phlbrunz

      To me, the main issue is that, pursuant to our present struturation and organisation of power throughout the world ( since the 19th century), sovereignty lies in the hands of nation states.
      Subject to minor exceptions, they have the monopoly of legitimate violence, of edicting laws and regulations, of judging delinquents or criminals, of implementing rules and organising citizens’ lives….
      Global governance is mainly a voluntary gathering of nation states: the global governance institutions have very little power and cannot really oppose themselves to nationstates governments.
      We need to change this.
      Hopefully, the future global governance institutions will have total sovereignty in their field of competence.

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