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Direct democracy elements needed on the global level

Lars.L Lars.L  •  2023-03-13  •    2 comments  • 

Topics that need global governance affect people all over the world. Therefore, everyone should be allowed to participate in the debate and have a vote on the global governance on these topics. This is practicable and will become feasible in a few years.

It is practicable because the debates on the global level should address only global topics. (The subsidiarity principle, which works well within nations, can be extended beyond nations.) Thus, there will be a limited number of high-relevance topics to be discussed on the global level. Furthermore, the debates will focus on the principles, because the details for the actual implementation have be derived from these principles on the national, regional or local levels, as appropriate. In summary, direct democracy is practicable because the debates will be relevant for everyone, general enough for everyone to understand, and low enough in numbers for everyone to participate.

Direct democracy on the global level will become feasible because of the continuing digitalization of all regions. The digital divide, i.e. the inequality in internet access, between regions of the world will have diminished by 2030. Public, industry and private interests align to give everyone access to information and tools in the world wide web. Using digital tools to communicate and discuss with persons around the world are commonplace already today. eVoting is emerging in some countries. Cybersecurity and secure digital identity management are active research and development topics and improve continuously.

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